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Adelanto Community Resource Center Holiday Givaway

The Adelanto Community Resource Center conducted their Annual Holiday Giveaway this season.  Three students from Adelanto Elementary School were chosen to accompany Mrs. Melva Davis on a holiday shopping spree.   

Although three students were chosen, only two were able to attend.  So the two students in attendance lovingly picked out clothing for their classmate as well. The students purchased jackets for the winter, beautiful dresses for special occasions and practical school clothing.  They said that the experience made them very happy because they had the chance to spend special time with a "teacher." They were even permitted to include a bag of jelly beans with their purchase (which made it extra special).

As the girls shopped at Kohl’s, they had a surprise meeting with Adelanto Elementary School District's Board Member, Christine Turner.  She was so gracious to converse with them and expressed interest in their future goals.  The time spent with Ms. Turner showed the girls that our district truly cares and only desires the best for them.

Unbeknownst to ACRC, the girls were going to meet their grandmother for the second time in their lives that week.  Well, they wore the two beautiful dresses for the special occasion.

We’d like to thank Adelanto Community Resource Center, for investing so much for such a worthy cause.  It truly created a special memory for the girls.